You can order Mrakovic Meat products by calling 416-695-7396.

Mrakovic Meat is proud to produce a number of high-quality products in house, which we sell in our store and proudly distribute to other shops throughout Ontario. Our production facilities are provincially inspected on a regular basis, giving us the ability to also sell our products to other shops and grocery chains. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information regarding wholesale opportunities.

Our main line of in house products includes:

  • Cevapi (Small rolls of minced beef and lamb)
  • Smoked beef
  • Smoked beef tenderloin (fillet mignon)
  • Smoked beef sausage (Suduk)
  • Smoked veal sausages (Sudikice)
  • Smoked sheep (Stelja)
  • Home-style Sarajevo burger (Pljeskavica)
  • Smoked beef bones
  • Beef Salami