• – Erdal

    such nice meatballs. Soft meat, Excellent taste, Wonderful presentation I advise

    – Emilia D

    Delicious burek! This place has been bookmarked for a while now. Next time I will try the cevaps - everyone was ordering this. Definitely a hidden gem of this area.

    – Faye F.

    This place is really tasty. I met a friend for lunch here today. I was probably an early one because I ordered Chevapi which seems like a house specialty but it takes about 15 minutes to cook. People come and go quickly. They have this stew that looked really good and something called Burek in spinach and cheese which kind of reminds me of Greek spinach pie and a meat version. Really delicious.

    -Bojan P.

    One of the best cevapi in Toronto. The quality of the meat is definitely worth the price.

    – Michael T.

    Best Bosnian food around I come here and I order a large portion of ćevapi for dine-in, and then take some burek for home. What would I do without this place

    – Nikola S.

    Always great quality of food here, i said many times the best ćevapi in north America

    – Lidia M.

    I am from Croatia and am always looking to try to find places like this to buy things to remind me of home. This is a wonderful little place that is full of a variety of different things from meats, teas, and candies. I highly recommend.

    – Kristian C.

    Great place if you want some cevapis

    – Franco Z.

    Great cevapi and the bread/pita is amazing. It's a typical eastern euro customer service so don't expect north american standards. Very authentic feel. Food tastes good.

    – M. Murat Kucuk.

    Awesome Balqanian Kofte. Really delicious. I love it. Btw you can find tons of things from Balqan.

    – Dane D.

    Its a great place i felt like i stepped in store in serbia great cevapi and great selection of imported goods.

    – Richard Blachford

    Totally satisfied every visit, food always great And always service with a smile. Hidden gem!!

    – Richard Fox

    Freshly prepared food, nice staff and reasonable price.

    – Paul Kozak

    Best Cievapi and Burek. Super busy on the weekend.