Mission Statement & Values

Mission Statement

Our brand is synonymous with exceptional quality and outstanding customer service. We provide unique and specialized products from the Balkan region by using traditional recipes to bring new yet very authentic taste experiences. We value the numerous ethnicities that we can create a connection with through our food, creating something to put on the table to enjoy with your family, just as we do. 

Value Proposition

At Mrakovic Meat & Deli and Mrakovic Fine Foods Inc. our duty is to produce only the highest quality of meat that is delicious, Halal and consistent with every bite. We started this business to share the traditions we have always known and loved; we only hope you love them as much as we enjoy making them. We stand by our guarantee of freshness, flavour, and unparalleled distinction.




In 2019, we had the pleasure of winning Gold at Ontario Finest Meat Competition for our Fresh Chevapi. This was a humbling and admirable award to accept after many years of consistency and dedication to our products.